Nell Bryden
Nell Bryden – Singer 

“Leo’s a joy to work with! He’s got a great, natural feel that sits exactly where you want it to. Live he’s a huge asset. From shows in Hyde Park in front of 50,000 to small club tours; Leo looked great, played great, and kept me laughing the whole time with his positive attitude”



Matt LawrenceMatt Lawrence – Grammy Award Winning Engineer/Mixer – Mumford and Sons 

“Leo is a GREAT studio drummer with fantastic feel and timing. His playing is versatile, he takes direction well, and when ideas are thin on the ground he is always able to offer you an option for you to hear. Leo also reads which is great for the more traditional sessions. Great natured and humoured, essential studio attributes, he’s your go-to drummer”

 Jason Rebello – Pianist – Sting/Jeff Beck
“Leo is a musical drummer with nice chops, good feel and strong time. A sensitive musician!”
Juan Louis
 Juan Luis Ayala – Producer -Mind Motion Studios

 “I have worked on various projects with Leo, and recorded in different styles of music. Leo is a very versatile and creative drummer, has an  excellent ear for tuning the drums and easily adapts himself to different genres. I very much enjoy working with him; he brings a very positive attitude, is always willing to think outside the box and has intuition and sensitivity to the song”

Ayala – Singer

“Leo is awesome to work with- so full of energy and great ideas. A creative monster and drumming legend smileand on top of all that- a lovely guy! What more could you ask for!?”

 Øyvind Aamli – Producer/songwriter/engineer oyvindaamli.com

“For Leo ‘good enough’ is not good enough. It’s needs to be ‘GREAT’ and ‘RIGHT’ and he will work until it is so. With this he brings his talent, work ethic and a wicked sense of humour! I always leave his drum sessions with more energy than when I arrived” 

 Thomas Pink – Guitarist www.flightbrigade.com

“Leo came to our rehearsals completely prepared to perform, and managed to capture the feel and the sound of our music almost instantly. He is technically brilliant, but also sensitive, playing exactly what is required for different styles and arrangements. He has  a very professional approach to ensemble playing, and is a joy to work with. He makes the band sound fantastic!” 

Mark Allaway
Mark Allaway – Engineer – Plan B, Jamie T

“Leo has a very musical style of drumming, but somehow manages not to over play, just playing what is right for the song, and getting along with everyone! Basically, he gets the job done and he’s great guy to be in the studio with.  Fact!”